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Beyond Picket Fences


We empower women globally to embrace their journey through the power of storytelling, healing & community. We provide a platform that strives for open-mindedness, authenticity and genuine connection.



…No chaser!

We began Beyond Picket Fences with the women’s journey and storytelling in mind.  



Beyond Picket Fences produces a weekly podcast that embarks on tough conversations affecting the women’s divine unfolding and healing journey.

The Ladies of BPF

Mandi and Naomi are two friends in their mid-forties living in the Denver, CO metro area. They formed Beyond Picket Fences to welcome all women from all areas and backgrounds to come together to share their stories. Welcome to our community!

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Latest Podcast Episodes

Beyond Picket Fences is a weekly podcast, where we believe that through authentic storytelling, community, trust, vulnerability & casual conversations we can impact the lives of women on their journey of self-love & healing.

Episode #34: Can You See Me Now? w/ Marci French

Episode #34: Can You See Me Now? w/ Marci French

Marci French, our very first guest on Episode 02, "Searching For Identity," joins Mandi Benecke and Naomi Marquez again to discuss diversity, equity, and inclusion. We discuss many current event topics including the recent insurrection/attack on the capital, the...

Episode #32: More Than An Ally w/Michael L. Boucher Jr.

Episode #32: More Than An Ally w/Michael L. Boucher Jr.

Michael Boucher was raised in suburban Apple Valley, Minnesota and after college graduation, he became an urban teacher in Minneapolis Public Schools for 18 years. Michael taught social studies, served as department chair, and coordinated programs. He has taught...

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We believe that through authentic storytelling, community, trust & vulnerability we will impact the lives of women on their journey of self-love & healing. Each one of us has a story to tell, share your story within the community. 

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I am so excited to share with you an empowering women’s podcast. Together these two women touch on topics that I’m sure a lot of us can relate to. Between hitting life’s road blocs head-on, to observing current real-life events going on in the world today!

They sore through their own personal experiences in hopes to support those who may need reassurance that you are not alone.

Podcast Fan

I love listening to this podcast and getting to hear different women’s stories. It gives you insight into lives that you may not have gotten to know otherwise. I can’t to hear what’s next!


It is a joy to listen to real stories from real women. You can tell there is not a lot of editing done on this podcast. That is appreciated. Embrace everything, including out imperfections.

Keep the honest table top conversations. It’s better than the interview-style podcasts.

Namaste Everyone

Really interesting and can’t wait to hear more topics! 


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