At Home Together-20 Unique Activities To Do Together At Home

If you’re like me, we’re running out of things to do at home. Gone are the days of just going out to a movie or for ice cream on a whim. Check out these unique ideas sure to keep you, your spouse, kiddos, or grandkids occupied and spending quality time together. 

  1. Backyard scavenger hunt: Make a list of 10-20 random items you’d find outdoors in your yard. These can include things like dandelion, a heart-shaped rock, gum wrapper, etc. Split up in teams or individually compete to find the most items in a set amount of time. Make sure to identify a “home base” like your front steps to run to meet up once you’ve found everything or when time is up.

2. Walking Bingo: Much like the scavenger hunt, create a grid and write things you’d find on a walk in your neighborhood. Each person creates a card with either the same or different items. Once your cards are created, head out for a walk….don’t’ forget to bring a crayon or stamp for your Bingo card!

3. Paint rocks: By now, I’m sure you’ve seen little tokens of hope and happiness around your neighborhood. Gather some rocks, paint fun pictures and words of hope and place them around your yard or neighborhood.

4. Google random ingredients you have and cook a recipe together: In your Google search bar, type in the recipe and have someone else shout out a few random ingredients you have on hand and see what recipes Google has to suggest! Then spend the afternoon cooking that recipe together. 

5. Take turns writing lines to make up a story: Once upon a time…..pass around a notebook or keep one on the counter so you and your family members can write a line of the story and have fun reading it out loud later at dinner, see where your story goes!

6. See how long it takes you to alternate doing 100 total burpees, sit-ups, air squats, or push-ups. Pretty self-explanatory. Get that heart rate up by alternating doing one rep each until your get to 100 or whatever your collective goal is.

7. Plant an herb garden in a pot and learn recipes to cook with them: Get a big pot, some soil, and some herb seedlings. Plant them and Google different recipes to use them in as they take off growing. Herbs are SUPER for your health and add fun flavors to dishes.

Two people drawing chalk artwork on the sidewalk

8. Happy chalk: Make the world’s largest crossword on your driveway. Use all positive words and take turns connecting them. Start with a big center word like “Happiness, Welcome, or Positivity,” and take turns using those letters to create a heartwarming crossword for passersby to read. We could all use a little happy right now. 

9. DIY Mini Remodel: I know my guest bedroom could use a little flare and cheer, do you have a room that could use a little love? Buy a bucket of paint and a few pieces of matching bedding, towels, decor, etc., and make it a before and after project for all. My kids are excellent at taping for paint prep. Make sure to take before and after photos! Email them to us at and we’ll share your creativity on our social media!

10. Sell your junk: Clean out your closets and list things on local sales sites for porch pick up, make a plan of how you want to spend the money together. Facebook has made it easy to sell stuff on Marketplace right from your phone. Nextdoor and Craigslist are also popular places to sell your stuff. 

11. Paint by Number: Order a paint by number and paint it together. Each person picks a numbered color and paint all of the spaces with that number. This provides some lovely quality time together and once you’re finished you’ll have a beautiful piece of art to share.

12. Puzzling around: Buy a jigsaw puzzle and keep it going on a card table. 

13. Paint a pot: Buy inexpensive terra cotta pots and acrylic paints. Paint a pot and plant some seeds to watch grow over the next month.

14. Adopt a dog for a day: Envious of all those folks out walking dogs because you don’t have one? Ask your neighbor if you can take their dog for a walk. I’m sure they would appreciate and the dog would love an extra walk!

15. Family Vision Board: Get out your laptops and magazines and cut out pictures and phrases to make a family vision or goal board. Hang it with your photo wall (see below.)

16. Create a Photo Wall: Buy a bunch of inexpensive frames from the dollar store. Go through your photos on your phones and print some fun ones. If you don’t have a photo printer, upload them to Walgreens, Costco, or another photo site where you can print them and pick them up or have them shipped to you.

17. New Board Game: Buy a new, interesting board game no one has played and learn to play it together. Better yet, borrow one!

18. Picnic at the park: Pack up a picnic basket and head to your local state park to go exploring. Combine this one with a scavenger hunt. Don’t forget the sunscreen!

19. Shake a leg: Find a line dance or new dance style for the whole family to learn. Guaranteed hours of fun, laughter, and exercise!

20. Pitch a tent: Set up a tent in your backyard, basement, or living room. Make s’mores and have a campout!

Written by Mandi Benecke

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