Episode 102: To the Moon and Back, w/ Tarah Dowling

We are excited to have Tarah Dowling at our table this week! Tarah was born into a home of addiction in 1980. At 3 years old her dad left and at 5 she was put into her first foster home. Tarah was in and out of foster homes, woman shelters, and an orphanage till she was 15 when she was given the opportunity to model in Italy. She continued to travel the world as a model and at the age of 19 while in London, she was first introduced to the world of documentary filmmaking. Having the desire to share her mother’s and her story, she quickly realized that making a documentary was the most intimate way, so she set herself on this path. She began putting herself through filmmaking courses and bought her first professional camera in 2002. In 2004 Her mom called her and said she had hit rock bottom and that she may not be around much longer. Tarah used the money from a large modeling campaign to fly herself and her boyfriend home to make the documentary “To the Moon and Back”. Tarah continued capturing her story with her mom for 16 years while fulfilling her own life goals, such as living in Bali, creating her own shoe line, then later moving to San Francisco and going back to school. Tarah currently lives in Canada where she is completing her film.
Personal IG: @tarahspeltlikesarah
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