Episode #114: Letter For My Wife: This Shook My Mormon World, w/ Kassie Jensen

We are honored to have Kassie Jensen back at our table this week. In this episode, Kassie walks us through the document that opened Kassie’s eyes. Letter for my wife https://www.letterformywife.com/the-letter
Kassie Jensen is a 26-year-old from Utah who was raised as a member of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (Mormonism). In June of 2021, she began a faith journey that would unravel everything she understood about life. She has journeyed from the life of a fully believing and dedicated Mormon girl, to becoming an ever-learning, skeptical atheist. After leaving a high-demand religion, she has learned to see the beauties of the secular world. Kassie’s story spans two episodes.
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