Episode #18: Drive & Determination w/Autumn Colon

Today we are very excited to introduce you to Autumn Colon. Autumn is a multi-passionate creative, self-taught designer, brand strategist, and content creator behind Laco Creative Studios and lautumnco.com. Autumn values the power of leading a purposeful and passion-led life and shares this through creative storytelling, designing with the heart first, and living intentionally from the inside out.

Her studio empowers passionate and purpose-led female founders to achieve brand alignment through curated branding experiences, custom content, website design, and brand strategy. In addition as a motherhood, wellness, food, feelings & movement advocate her work centers around making women’s wellness, plant-based eating, and intentional living relatable.

Across her online platforms, she shares openly about experiences as an African-American millennial mama healing past traumas, and breaking generational curses within her family. By utilizing the power of personal storytelling and information sharing, she equips women and mothers with the tools necessary to invest in themselves and their families. These intentional stories and resources allow women to flourish; rediscover personal joy, harmony, and healing inside out. 

To learn more about Autumn and LaCo Creative Studios, you can visit her website here: https://lacocreative.com/

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