Episode #28: Crying is Like the Rain w/ Heather Hawk Feinberg

Heather Hawk Feinberg, Crying Is Like The Rain, children's book, feelings, Mandi Benecke, Naomi Marquez, storytelling podcast, women empowerment, women helping women, authentic, vulnerable, vulnerability, authenticity, sadness, emotional support, children's therapy tool, story book, mindfulness, Chamisa Kellogg, emotional processing, emotions are like the weatherHeather Hawk Feinberg is a mother, counselor, writer, music-maker, educator, and spiritual guide. In 2016 she founded Mindful Kids, a non-profit organization that creates pioneering resources for social-emotional awakening. She works with individuals, families, and organizations as a thought leader in mindfulness, meditation, and energy management. With a passion for insight and inner connection, Heather’s calling is guiding children (and the child inside us all) to discover our voices, access our power, connect to our innate knowing, and remember who we are. Heather writes a mindfulness adventures series called Ammi that was featured in Root & Star Magazine and will soon be found on mindful.org!  Crying is Like the Rain, her debut children’s book was released September 15th, 2020 from Tilbury House.

Heather sits down with Naomi Marquez and Mandi Benecke to tell her story of how she became an author of children’s books. “If emotions are like the weather, then crying is like the rain.” Heather provides amazing insight and tools for mindful parenting and how to have meaningful, productive conversations with others about our emotions. Stay tuned to the end of the show where Heather walks us through how to play a game called “Weather Reports” with our kids to check in and process emotions mindfully.

Click here for the PDF that accompanies the Weather Reports Game

Crying is Like the Rain, by Heather Hawk Feinberg and illustrated by Chamisa Kellogg: A gentle metaphor for understanding and processing anxiety and sadness. Is it possible we’ve misunderstood crying all along? That’s the discovery one big sister sets out to share with her little brother as they walk to school and get caught in a storm. Along the way they explore sadness, loneliness, fear, frustration, anger and more, through gentle metaphor. Their journey examines our tears revealing how they begin, why they happen, and what to do with them. Throughout the book, the message received is that we are safe in our emotional experiences and that feelings, like the weather, come and go. This is an empowering story about navigating and understanding our feelings as a healthy, important, and very natural part of our lives. Have you ever noticed you feel differently after you cry? That’s because Crying is like the Rain.

Buy Crying Is Like the Rain at any local or online bookseller or on Amazon by clicking here: Crying is Like the Rain 

Contact Heather by going to mindfulkidscommunity.org

Root and Star Magazine

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