Episode #32: More Than An Ally w/Michael L. Boucher Jr.

Author, Michel L Boucher, More Than An Ally, White Teachers, Students of color, children of color, solidarity, school to prison pipeline, equality, Mandi Benecke, Naomi Marquez, white privilegeMichael Boucher was raised in suburban Apple Valley, Minnesota and after college graduation, he became an urban teacher in Minneapolis Public Schools for 18 years. Michael taught social studies, served as department chair, and coordinated programs. He has taught middle school, high school, online courses, adult diploma, GED, and instructional methods. As a teacher-leader, Michael advocated for his students every day at school, but also in the press, at the district, and the statehouse.

In 2009 Michael left Minneapolis to pursue his Ph.D. at Indiana University and is now an Assistant Professor of Curriculum and Instruction at Texas A&M University-San Antonio. Michael’s research examines the relationships of solidarity developed between successful White teachers and their students of color in de-facto segregated schools. His new book, More than an ally: A caring solidarity framework for White teachers of African American students gives White teachers a path to move beyond empathy to solidarity with their students and communities. He explores the concepts of solidarity and allyship, challenging White teachers to abandon solidarity with whiteness and dismantle the systems that alienate, oppress, and incarcerate Black and Brown young people.

Show Notes:

Playback recording link More than Allies:https://tamusa.webex.com/tamusa/lsr.php?RCID=5f8ae1b40b7b45df823e23454d89e481

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