Episode 37: Medical Misconduct Causes Me a Lifetime of Pain w/ LaQuita Parks

Imagine if you were the mother of a small child who was injected with the wrong medication while you were away from her hospital room for a moment. A medication that was meant for another patient, an adult. LaQuita Parks was that child and because of this malpractice, she has suffered in excruciating pain and has had very limited mobility for her entire life.

We welcome LaQuita Parks. LaQuita lives in excruciating pain on a daily basis. Her story dives into medical misconduct and what her life has been like as a result. She is a Christian and a single mother of three adult children ages 26, 28, and 31. LaQuita has a one-year-old grandson who stole her heart at first sight. Not only is LaQuita a self-published author of several books including her semi-autobiography titled Walking Limitations by Other People’s Definition, Good Morning Friends, and a first-time author of a new children’s book called “My Neighbors Don’t Look Like Me!” She has published numerous books that have helped hundreds of people on their healing journey, as well as books that bring awareness such as From Fears to Friends.  

Walking Limitations: by Other People’s Definition by LaQuita Parks- Click here for Kindle and Paperback purchase

My Neighbors Don’t Look Like Me by Anthony Wallace and LaQuita Parks- Click here to purchase

A Simple Procedure by LaQuita Parks- Click here to purchase

From Fears to Friends by Anthony B. Wallace and Honesty Wallace: Click here to purchase
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