Episode #40: Cultural Appropriation Versus Cultural Appreciation w/ Trevia Woods (Series Part 2 of 3)

Trevia Woods is a mixed-race Indigenous woman with nearly two decades of experience in bodywork, education, and community-building. She has roots in the Midwest and Colorado. After traveling the world, she is back in America finding her roots and how she belongs in the world. Trevia hosts the HELD community to help women remember their power by learning to establish traditions and self-care rituals while connecting with their own lineage and heritages without culturally or spiritually appropriating.

Trevia has an open, honest, and vulnerable conversation with Naomi Marquez and Mandi Benecke about the meaning and differences between cultural appropriation and cultural appreciation. Naomi and Mandi discuss why they removed the word “tribe” from their branding and marketing and Trevia provides her knowledge on the topic. We talk about incorporating symbols, traditions, and words from other cultures, and Trevia helps us navigate how to respectfully appreciate cultures that are not ours instead of appropriating them into our own culture.

Connect with Trevia Woods on her website manytreeslifeway.com  or you can find her on Instagram @Trevia_woods

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