Episode #41: Living The Mom Life As A Real Happy Mom w/ Toni-Ann Mayembe

Before we get started we would like to do a land acknowledgment. Mandi and Naomi live in the traditional lands of the hinonoeino biitoowu (Arapaho), Tsesthoe (Cheyenne), Nuu-agha-Tuvu-pu (Ute) and Ochethi Sakowin Nations.
We are thrilled to have Toni-Ann Mayembe as our guest this week! Toni-Ann is a full-time dentist, a reservist in the Navy, and a blogger and podcaster at Real Happy Mom. She is a wife and a boy mom that understands the struggle of juggling work and home. When she is not working, she enjoys watching WWE and watching stand-up comedy. Toni-Ann joins Mandi Benecke and Naomi Marquez to tell the story of how she chose her profession and how she balances life as a busy mom. She talks about finding your identity, putting fun back into your life, and how to deal with decision fatigue.
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