Episode #44: Are You Moon Sensitive? Mandi’s Experience w Christal Knight Gonzalez

Before we get started we would like to do a land acknowledgment. Mandi and Naomi live in the traditional lands of the hinonoeino biitoowu (Arapaho), Tsesthoe (Cheyenne), Nuu-agha-Tuvu-pu (Ute) and Ochethi Sakowin Nations.
We are thrilled to have Christal Ann Knight Gonzalez as a guest on our podcast! Christal is happily married with 4 animal babies. Born in Las Vegas Nevada and raised in Colorado, She just recently moved to Indiana to support her husband’s new business adventure!
Her passion is teaching about spiritual healing through ceremonies and rituals and creating connections through communities that can be a container for this healing energy. Christal comes from a long line of intuitive and gifted women. Born into a family full of magical and highly psychic women, and a mother who encouraged her to trust and use her intuition, being a Spiritual Healer and Empath always came naturally to Christal. She uses her gift from our Creator to channel the flow of healing universal light energy. As a child, she had a strong sense of empathy for people and animals and a “knowing” of energy in all things and its natural healing powers.
She has always had a passion for helping others and connecting them with their higher spaces. She believes our Creator gave us all the gift of intuition and healing. Her goal is to teach others how to tap into their own healing abilities and gifts. With this passion and over 23 years of experience with Tarot, Christal uses Tarot and Oracle cards as a divination tool to provide intuitive readings. She has spent most of her adult life learning many multitudes of spiritual healing modalities. Christal is trained in and teaches traditional Usui Reiki healing, crystal healing, along with her own unique healing modality she learned from her ancestry, as well as passed down traditions from her mentors.
Christal is also a licensed Cosmetologist. Her love for helping others led her to combine her two passions into a holistic beauty career. She offers many alternative holistic services and holistic beauty services. Christal has learned over the years when your calling is to help others heal, it doesn’t matter what profession you’re in you will always be a “healer”
Christal joins Mandi Benecke and Naomi Marquez to offer her wisdom and expertise as to why Mandi doesn’t sleep during the full moon. We discuss what it means to be “moon sensitive” and what you can do if you are moon sensitive to calm yourself and to best utilize your energy during that time.
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