Episode #47: The Power of Justice Centered Parenting w/ Rachel Alva

Before we get started we would like to do a land acknowledgment. Mandi and Naomi live in the traditional lands of the hinonoeino biitoowu (Arapaho), Tsesthoe (Cheyenne), and Nuu-agha-Tuvu-pu (Ute)
We are thrilled to have Rachel Alva on as a guest! Rachel is a former elementary teacher, a parenting coach, and the host of the Justice-Centered Parenting podcast. She helps people who are raising children to disrupt dominance-based cultural patterns and create a home culture where every member of the family can flourish. Over the last 17 years, she has worked closely with over 1000 kids in schools, camps, and homes—including at home with her own two young children. Rachel believes that families have an essential role to play in the movement for justice. We have the power to set the patterns in our homes that we want to see throughout our culture.
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