Episode 52: Getting Vulnerable w/ Laura Goldstein

Before we get started we would like to do a land acknowledgment. Mandi and Naomi live in the traditional lands of the hinonoeino biitoowu (Arapaho), Tsesthoe (Cheyenne), and Nuu-agha-Tuvu-pu (Ute).
We are excited to have Laura Goldstein back! She was a guest on Episode #04: Unwrapping White Privilege and Episode #15: Creating Balance & Boundaries. Today, Laura talks about getting vulnerable. Laura has been in the psychotherapy field since 1996 helping people using an integrative mind-body approach to suit their own needs and growth.
As a practical, interactive, solution-focused therapist, her treatment approach is to provide clients with support through mindfulness, insight, and cutting-edge mind-body therapeutic approaches to help them address current challenges and long-standing issues.
To learn more about Laura and the services she provides, you can visit her website at lauragoldsteintherapy.com, the link will be in the episode show notes. Without further ado, we bring you Laura Goldstein.
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