Episode #54: Abortion, the Vast Grey Area w/ Elisabeth Kraus

Elisabeth Kraus joined us in Episode #48: My Journey with and Through Pregnancy Loss where she shared her heartbreaking story of losing three babies in late-term pregnancy. What we didn’t discuss in that episode was that two of those pregnancies were technically classified as late-term abortions. In this episode, Elisabeth discusses her struggle with her faith, telling her story to others, and coming to terms with an internal belief system that made her struggle with guilt while knowing she made the absolute right decision for her babies. The topic is extremely difficult, but discussions about what abortion really is, why it exists, and what can be done productively to create a world where fewer abortions are necessary in order to make progress on an issue that has become so divisive.

Trigger Warning: This episode contains real stories of pregnancy loss, miscarriage, and abortion in detail.

Elisabeth Kraus is a native of Washington state, where she lives with her partner, Demetrius, and their 3 shared daughters. Having spent most of her career working, teaching, and publishing in Higher Education, life took surprising turns when her sons Isaac, John, and Malcolm did not survive their births. Naturally, this heart-breaking experience opened her heart and research interests to the disparities in maternal healthcare in the US, and she decided that she wanted to help.
Elisabeth joined us to speak about her experience through late-term pregnancy loss and how she has found her mission in speaking out on the topics of pregnancy loss, the grey area of late-term abortion, inequality in healthcare for women of color, and her mission to help others both to prevent loss and who have experienced pregnancy loss.
Elisabeth serves as the President of the Rosemary Foundation for Maternal Care, while also teaching at a local University and working with her two sisters on various global Early Intervention healthcare initiatives. In her, albeit limited, spare time, Elisabeth loves to read, play her piano, travel (the beach is particularly close to her heart), and enjoy her daughters’ growing up.
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