Episode #73: Being A Single Mom, w/ Diane Shroeder

Today, we welcome Diane Schroeder to our table. Diane is a yoga-practicing, wine-loving, meditating, positive disruptor.  She has spent her adult life in the fire service and currently serves as a battalion chief. She is a single mom to an amazing little man and enjoys spending her time building furniture, food, and memorable moments.  She loves exploring, fly fishing, and time with her people. She views the world through a unique lens and enjoys speaking about equity, inclusion, and the importance of creating healthy work cultures. In 2018, she created www.thefireinsideher.com where she shares life lessons, opinions, and humor. Pull up a chair and listen in to Diane’s inspiring story!

Diane Schroeder, from The Fire Inside her, joins us again to discuss the highs and lows of single parenting. Diane is truly an inspiration and her authenticity in storytelling is relatable to all.

Check out Diane’s first episode here:EPISODE 17: THE FIRE INSIDE HER W/ DIANE SCHROEDER
Check out more of Diane’s inspiring stories at www.thefireinsideher.com
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