Episode #74: Podcasting: Tips and Resources w/ Naomi Mellor

Naomi Mellor is back!!! As you recall, Naomi was our guest on Episode #46: A Veterinarian’s Story, When Dreams Become Reality 
In this episode, Naomi joins us again to talk podcasting. She walks us down her journey and we do as well. You will also be given helpful tips and tricks.
Naomi Mellor is the founder of the Skylark Collective and The International Women’s Podcast Awards, and her mission is to raise the voices of women in the podcasting world. She hosts and produces three podcasts, Smashing The Ceiling, Borborygmi: Noises From The Veterinary World, and Veterinary Woman, and Naomi’s passion for supporting and elevating other women is tangible in the stories she tells in her shows. Naomi is also a veterinarian specializing in horses, and she continues this work part-time around her podcasting.
Connect with Naomi Mellor:
Skylark Collective Website: https://skylarkcollective.co.uk
International Women’s Podcast Awards: https://skylarkcollective.co.uk/awards/
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