Episode #94: Finding My Passion & Purpose- D.E.& I. in Children’s Books w/ Ren Lowe

Ren Lowe is a Native of Flint, Mi. Now residing in Georgia. She relocated her and her family to Georgia in pursuance of a career as a singer and songwriter. At the early age of 4 her parents discovered that Ren had a gift, she could sing. Her parents nourished that gift and that seemed to be what her calling was. However, around the age of 9 years old Ren fell in love with writing short stories and poetry. Being influenced at an early age by the late Maya Angelou and Langston Hughes. Ren would continue to sing for most of her childhood and adolescent years. However, it wasn’t until Covid-19 and being quarantined that she would re-discovered her passion for writing. Being out of work due to lack of Daycare and the constant concern of potentially exposing her 7-year-old daughter and newborn son to the virus, Ren spent her days writing songs in the hopes that once things got back to normal she would be able to get back into the studio to record and release new music.

One day while writing, her 7-year-old sat next to her with pen and paper in hand hoping to contribute. Ren took this opportunity to teach her child about self-expression through creative writing and poetry. Her daughter particularly showed an interest in writing fictional stories and poetry, in addition, she loved Unicorns and would often draw them.  This is when the idea to write a fictional story about the whimsical creature that her daughter loved so much was birthed. However, Ren noticed the lack of Representation in Children’s books when it came to diverse characters and fairytale creatures. Ren would make sure that she and her daughter created colorful, creative stories with diverse characters that looked like them. My Magical Brown Unicorn is the 1st of many titles to come that the Author and her daughter have written and will be released in the near future. Ren knows the importance of literacy and also uses this as an opportunity to help increase fluency in reading amongst young readers by creativity including high-frequency vocabulary words, along with additional vocabulary words in her books. Buy My Magical Brown Unicorn by Ren Lowe and Kameryn Lowe HERE Work with Ren to write your book! https://www.brownunicornpublishing.com/

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